Dangling Modifiers

by angel boy cow

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released January 5, 2015

Will Kitchin: lead vocals, drums,misc. keyboards
James Beale: guitars
Nathan Maxwell: guitars on track 4,6,7, viola on track 7
Megan Maxwell: bg vocals on track 4,7
Jess Cory: bg vocals on track 5,6,and 10
John Ray: Bass on track 2,5,6, 10
Jim Capps: ambient keyboards on track 4,6

recorded and mixed by James Beale at Audio Arts in Greenville NC
mastered by James Beale at Sound Temple in Asheville NC
Album Cover Art by Nathan Maxwell



all rights reserved


angel boy cow Greenville, North Carolina

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Track Name: Beastiality Manifesto
throw the knife inside my red-eyed, ribeye, haya!
induce the layer of instant nausea
surrounded by my soiled smile
I've procreated my breed of visionary,
custom- tailored alpha rat
my hubris falls upon the shoulders less forgiving than fulfilling their blast from my past that bypassed
and I'm not engaged with the masquerade of the quick and witty ways

unruly ghost just another blip on the radar
to kill the host just another swarm of the young blood
Track Name: Ooweeya
met a girl named Blair from Santa Cruz, red hair
Ooweeya, serenade
missed the Doors in Reno, hope they're on Jay Leno
Ooweeya, hallucinate
Black Cadillac is greyed, crusted semen from fucking on the hood all day

I aim to follow the fuse lighting underneath the trail
I came to shallow to prove that all my inhibitions failed

Chromosomes in chaos, gender rules archaic
Ooweeya, silly girl
Sabotage my plans to grow a decent man
Ooweeya, heathen boy
Overload my head, facilitate god's dread

I've built elaborate walls to access the flood, heaven knows
I must swim tall
So far erratic moves don't stay afloat, just enough to
graze the foam
I'm pounding all my nails in the recesses of demand, counterfeit my tiring motives, I guess the angels value whores
Track Name: K9
Into the front lines
Into the battle outright

In time, K9 will unearth our mayhem
Track Name: Cholera Love
Come through the hill, sleep in my gaze
Harvest the moon that tills my terrain
Humbling thrills reach around days
Soften the stones that bury my fate, hey

Glowing, sultry, burning calm, flight of duration
Sunny, withered, dithered, drawn, faintest invocation

Climb down the walls that deafen your waves
Lift up the clouds that clutter the haze
Stumble on guilt that drenches the drape
Lay on the ruse and wrap the remains, hey
Track Name: Childish Prostitution
Rally all the dogs and stage a gruesome fight, dear
Running down the walls enables flight
Ten angry mobs surround you
Dilapidated roads endanger youthful pride, sir
Stubbing all your toes ignores your faults
Clear over barbed wire fences

Tell a myth in lies, animated eyes, there's a story that lands in the grave
All peculiar signs gravitate behind, testimony reveals all the blame

Serenade the girls with red dress shirts and wine, fool
Salivate the jaws with every cut
Cheer all the clowns in bar stools
Validate the world, protect your precious blindfold
Stare into the dark, sadistic joy
Blend all your woes in cocktails

don't just stand there divided for we cannot play the roles of our domain
hope and pray that the guardian of fools gathers weight and rains our parade
Track Name: Talibanian Crackpipe
Automatic new cars will travel backwards in the new century
Democratic waters negotiate the flood of eternity
Teleport the outcast onto new planets of normalcy
Mix all the paint coats with more saliva for it to all turn green

Exalted new operations beholden to old propaganda

Convince the elders of an infinite rainbow of mobility
Disappearing hoodlums into a vacuum of inner-city dreams
Saturated youth clogs the rusted caste iron of modernity
Neurotic impulses take a backseat to immediacy

August days bloom more erotic ways, caught in a blaze that I don't expect, a lucid moment in truth
Adulate a semi-charming youth
Access the womb that uncoils lust and repossesses the fruit

Hate to be the one holding arms, eliminate these heavy bombs
dropping gold
Track Name: Inflated Tallons
Inhale the groans of decent beings trapped in overjoy unremoved
Stuff the tombs of ancient Egypt with confetti 'till their overfull
Inject the bowls of the sickly sheepish underfoot
In, captivate the movie seers
Bend, fabricate the lens less real

Unguarded hay stacks in the field of dreams
Cutting out the laugh tracks doesn't feel obscene

The indiscretion alone, holding by a thread
Illuminate the balloon floating down the air
The secret falls unknown, spills to the heavens
Unfiltered palms, cleanse the wound
Track Name: UnNamed, UnMade
Came on a mission, gonna try some new lies, I'm brave and the
same on conditions manifest all unholy displays
Gained all my wisdom in the thrust of divine, imbues the wave of inhibition that condemns otherworldly desires

And it gained a foothold, innate and it prayed and it ate and it came and
unnamed, unmade

used to be and old star, prehistoric young stud
catapult the age of inane

Hey, caught a big fish now I'm stuck on a line, unreel thee
Plagued by the mist of bliss that unfolds in the bosom of shame
Gauge all my senses and unravel the weight that hurls me straight into the hill crest, intersect all the corners too late

I paint in scriptures, I preach in tongues
illogic dictates inebriate to levitate, so levitate
My Kama Sutra spews auto-erotic hate
The senseless cravings that incubate linger for eons and eons
Track Name: Young Radical
The useless thoughts that emanate, they can't unscript the eternal haste
The pressing guilt that pressures firm
You're giving up the godly gift to blaze a trail that inflames the wind
The gaping holes that the story fills
The children laugh, the elder gaze, the indecent shrug, the prudish faint

Hey young radical, deflate the air of the world
Hey young radical, negate the world in two

Bemoaning girls must clear the way
Instinctive glands release the lakes
The hungry tides devour faith
Indifference pays the dividends
A sweeping glare that pulls the pin, to shoot the blanks to collapse the frame
Entrusting words that penetrate, intriguing language reveals within
Track Name: Amateur Karaoke
I profess to refine a new kind of finesse that meanders far
from the hills of romance
Emptiness treads my back into roads, I can't help but feel pavement fall
from the depths of green lands
All the weight comes to pass into loads of frustrated, deflated pours,
gather room for new clouds
Counter fate by the pull to re-track I lift up from the void of shame
televise the cool crowds

Relive pounding the stars, a born dividend
Relive dressing the child, a long never-end

I can't divide the divine
I got it made