Tornadic Anti​-​Hero

by angel boy cow

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released December 31, 2016

Will Kitchin- vocals, drums, and misc keyboards
James Beale-guitars
Nathan Maxwell: additional guitars on tracks 8&9
John Ray- bass
Mike Lagier- preacher voice on track !0

All songs written by Will Kitchin
All songs recorded,mixed, and co-produced by James Beale at Audio Arts in Greenville NC in different parts of 2015 and some of 2016
All songs mastered by Kyle Brone
Album Cover Art by Nathan Maxwell



all rights reserved


angel boy cow Greenville, North Carolina

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Track Name: Mil Gebson
Your perception is overweight
Anorexic is where you shall aim
You're clearly a handful, but you're mood's in tact

The paranoia creating a situation
I never can be bothered by distant news
A foreign body slipping in the conversation
Disheveled antics fall much too soon
A crowded notion inhibiting the intuition
A feeling in the belly persisting rude
The California is dream that we keep on wishing ( is it really in the fast lane of our list to do?)

Throw a bone to your animal
You owe it that much to chew

And we can't live, and we can't live only in the Vatican
And we can't sleep, and we can't bathe only in the Vatican
And we can't rage, can't get high only in the Vatican
And we can't grope…
Track Name: Magical Therapy
Caught in dreams of a paternity
Camouflage covered lines
He felt wise to loosen thighs
And go unnoticed, unruled, unbored

You can't mistake him for the trouble boy
Hedonize the frigid mind
Rules don't apply to patient eyes
Poetic guilt makes the stars align

Offer the bait, peer in the window, listless
Open avenues arrive

Carnal stares into a younger world,
tortured patterns of a juvenile
The sour state of a helpless face
A twisted longing, undue, unborn
Wrapped inside him a silly monologue,
cutting through the charade
The tragic form too cliche
Under the gall to derail, defile

Offer the bait, peer in the window, listless
Open avenues arrive
Beside you, pulls to the ladder hold
Behind you, water to drown us all, all right

I'm groping tumbling thoughts in my bed, I fantasize myself
Therapy, Therapy, Therapy
I'm going blind but inside of my head I recognize myself
Remedy, Remedy, Remedy

How am I supposed to walk this bare terrain?
The bitter kicking and shouting sounds the same
Better parties to crash after the rain
The cringe, a natural reaction to the life we made
The crumbled basement looks black but a light remains
Track Name: Pussy Sugar
Here I come to tip the weight of the sun, I've got a million to none
I'll swing the door to the right
Reach inside the heavy crack in the floor
You can't excuse or ignore I'm leaving marks of delight
Scattered clothes among the leaves of the fall, the vacant thrill of it all
The ground is bored with desire
Heady times are in the youthful supply under the will to deny
I'm coughing out my good lines

And I really wanna roll this dice, I'm better known to go on running, wanting
And I really wanna curb this vice, I'm better known to go on lilting, dying

Don't wait, the time is dear to exercise the flames of guilty madness you calculate
Her escape too cavalier to appreciate the waves of inner sadness you contemplate
Negate the dreadful year that's divided by the days of empty action piled up to waste
Pray (that) the common fears will wash away the stain of dirty pleasure hung on your face

Here I come to scratch the paint off the walls, I'm vivid down through my draws
I'm leaping out through the vines
Gratifying is my only recourse and when I'm stripped from the source
I'm gripping down like new tires
Inebriated by the whip of despair, I'm seeing clear through the glare
I'll crash and burn through the night
Love advances like fatigue of a slave, I'll take it down to my grave and roll around

And I move very fine, exhausted by the fumes of a fragrant mind
And time will not suffice to eradicate the fumes of the playful high
Track Name: Ref-Selferential
Cut through the blabber with a sickening inhale that imbeds you
Scrapped from the gutter, you're existence is blamed by infection
Blistering apathy rips through the faith of your masters
Digest every toxin that builds on your hatred empowered

Slug through the shadows with a steepening ache for your target
Your motives are acrid, distilled through the flesh of embalming
Ragged with pleasure, coursing through the veins of dysfunction

Grip on your king chair, enter your castle
Trip on your wings flailed, float through the rabble

Yeah, good karma's a vacuum (that) only lucky gods can share
Hooray, presentation is boundless, can't enable truth to flare
Yeah, advertise your dispassion a necessary cool to bear
Hooray, fuck all over their kindness, sentiment is all too rare
Track Name: Purple Lightning
Fatalistic combat boys are the apple's eye of eroticized demographic wars
Naked reasons gather forth to occupy the ratty tiles of your wretched soul

Yeah, you breath the fire that burns through the tongue
Yeah, your crude theatrics are running the show
Yeah, you're circumcised by the fears overblown
Yeah, you're swimming back through the truths outgrown
Yeah, your glowing stature's abused by the pun
but Wait, you're gut reaction will clean the gun

Fatalistic combat boys are the apple's eye of eroticized demographic wars
Naked reasons gather forth to occupy the ratty tiles of your wretched soul
Every breathing carnivore is an afterthought of an after-fuck of an empty goal

And an awful surprise that'll hunt you will leave you baffled with belief
And the hovering eyes that'll cut you, will turn their backs and let you bleed

Celebrate the falls on your knees
Celebrate the falls hard

The endless pleasures will work to authorize the undecided to lobotomize
Track Name: Scarf 'N Barf
In the urine- stained pounding walls of grinding fratty clubs
Singing all the hit Journey songs in catatonic drones
We can really push the boundaries of love (with) a stiff cover charge

Holloween is every night
Parody is nullified

We can dream that the 808 drum will fuck us all dry
Pick the scenes we elect to ignore and widen the lies
We believe our infallible groins will straddle the tides
We concede the the white and the thongs will make us come alive, come alive

Don't hate the disappointment of the public eyes
They get aroused by the beauty of your fail
(and) Don't think that your irritation's not a Christmas toy
that they will play from the bedrooms of your brain
(but) Don't fret, the limitations of the colorful blind will penetrate through the ills of your conscience
Track Name: Adolescent Elder
I've lived the kiddie kind of love
Telling myself all the typical stories that have kept me dry
I've kissed the very kind of girl that has pissed me on myself
and now I'm feelin' capsized
Sweat on my face and I've never so much as even touched the rocks
I bit the apples hanging low, so forgive me if I fell into oblivion

Disco's alive, willing and ready
Hope's on the rise, suspiciously steady

Let the skinny cat die
Pick up myself until the trashman arrives
Long live the babble of the pure
Giving away every chunk of the heart on the bathroom floor
I missed the writing on the wall that has ridiculed my game
Sever the brain from the groin

I can make several losing moments gone all come back to redefined
I'm a cunning cat of my past lives
and I regret pathetic gestures that I let loose from the creepy confines of an adolescent elder

Displays of the primitive cold and dry so stupidly codified as the days and years engulf me
and I've stayed choking on the falsehood of irrepressible goofy ties to my unrequited good memories
I'm drained living in a cartoon world of the 'nice guy' archetype of emasculated impotence
Not trained for never-ending rat race runs
Discomfort will survive even after we're all flat-lined
Track Name: Tinder Loins
What's the deal with anybody's ill will?, I feel the heavy inflation
I knew the day would come when we leap from the map
All us kids live in padded digs, we're in a central location
We hit the ground flying till we trip on the cracks

Imitation, the vodka goes down like your backwash
the kind of ooze that upsets in the bowels of night crawl
Misdirected resentment drools down on your slack jaw
You can't refuse another offer that blows my top off

Lightning kills all our standing still, a cheaper shock of the patience
Our world is infectious and our ratings are maxed
Platitudes get us in the groove, we're in the hippest vocation that masturbates our will with the flip of a hat

You're resistance like urine that crawls in the bathtub
We can't endure another episode of flaccid man love
Your reflected projections like old man erections
We are the rules of the now that has passed our death march

And I'll lay my back in the sun and rot in the blaze
And I don't intend to wash off my gaze
And I'll chase the cat down the road, till it scrambles away
And I can't misplace the dirt on the grave
Track Name: People Are Machines Too
Everyone's trying on the vintage sweaters to count all the ways to buy at the clever store
Hopes are built upon the youth of the right age dragging the old into a new black hole
Capitalizing on the wit that runs and puns its way into a another silly yet sad show
Pleasures derive from the corner of sin, copping all the feels of god

Everyone's tapping into a homegrown fetish to count all the ways to drive the horny car
Everyone's trying on the new age leather

You're getting a tattoo of naked pictures showing your young thighs tonight
Your face is behind you, reflecting in the mirror is your broke smile tonight
Your love is a condom wrapping all your troubles in a fun bag tonight
Your conscience adores you, it lets you sleep alone in your own life tonight

Heaven's below the material world, automation's divine
Happiness is the material girl running all over the stage and looks so shy
Everyone knows it's matter, we splatter
It doesn't matter where we splatter

Easiness comes to those who make it better
Heaviness comes to those who make it fatter

We are inhabitants! Yes, you! Yes, me! Yes all!
Things are just happening, Yes, you! Yes, me! Yes, all!
Track Name: Tornadic Anti-Hero
Danny's on the phone I can't get his attention, gonna try rubbing glue on his face
Doesn't have to cut the T.V. on so loud that my headache splits the room into outer space
I'm not gonna collapse into tears and I know a better way to turn the mood into a cabaret
I'm certified to stupefy and I kill the messenger when he gives me that It's-not-my-fault glare

Benadryl cuts me in half and Adderal gives me a false sense of two
I have to base my assumptions on the parallels between Hitler and the flu
Meditation is the boat that I must drift on when I'm sinking, drinking, believing about neutral thinking

Clinging to the to the john is my best line of defense when I'm stuck with a shitty attitude
Have a little ginger with my big piece of happiness, but don't suck out all the juice
Tell the same old lies even when the content is explicit and you notice that you're leaning on your own middle finger

Autumn leaves celebrate the dying
Entitled crooks orchestrate the hiding
Modern teenage girls fuck around a lot (when their)
father's not around to give them brand new hearts

Open your past to be crucified
Strengthen your stare to be hypnotized

And I'm really not bred for this conditional life
And I've really upset all the statistic noise